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October 26 2018
[160427] fhána 2nd Album - What a Wonderful World Line [FLAC]Website | Details
Submitter: pvsave | Size: 5.03GB | Date: 2018-10-26 04:46 UTC | Comment: fhána: 佐藤純一 (Jun’ichi Satou), yuxuki waga, kevin mitsunaga, towana Ripped from the limited edition (LACA-35557); scans and 1080p/FLAC videos from the BD included. The BD contains both 24bit/48kHz and 24bit/96kHz audio tracks; I only muxed the 24/48 audio into the videos but have included the 24/96 in a seS: 0 L: 1 C: 531 ID: 1274847
[180815] ASAKA 5th Single - Eternal Star [FLAC]Website | Details
Submitter: pvsave | Size: 1.57GB | Date: 2018-10-26 03:40 UTC | Comment: Videos from the DVD with the Artist edition (USSW-0112) and the bonus contents of the Enhanced CD Anime edition (USSW-0113) included, scans from both. The non-telop ED from the Anime edition uses the English version of Eternal Star (technically one could purchase the Japanese version online and mux it into the videoS: 3 L: 0 C: 491 ID: 1274824
[180711] miwa THE BEST [FLAC]Website | Details
Submitter: pvsave | Size: 4.07GB | Date: 2018-10-26 03:37 UTC | Comment: Ripped from the limited edition (SRCL-9837~SRCL-9840). No scans due to the LP size package and booklet. I’ll apologize in advance for any stupid mistakes (I always seem to make at least one in every release). Any help seeding is always greatly appreciated.S: 2 L: 0 C: 888 ID: 1274823