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Motivation Behind This Project And Rocket Gang Issues in the Narrative .pdf65.18KB
[PM]Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _001 _Alola! _New _Islands, _New _Pokemon!![H264 _720P][90771713] .mkv473.84MB
[PM]Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _002 _Enter _the _Guardian _Deity _Kapu-Kokeko! _Let _Us _Attempt _to _Master _Our _Z-Move!![H264 _720P][B5AB621A] .mkv464.65MB
[PM]Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _003 _Good _Rotomorning, _I _am _the _Rotom _Zukan!![H264 _720P][AC82D215] R .mkv452.21MB
[PM]Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _004 _Enter _Mokuroh! _I _Got _a _Pokemon _in _Alola!![H264 _720P][B69726A9] R .mkv469.99MB
[PM]Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _005 _Ashimari, _Do _Your _Balloonest![H264 _720P][7759CAAF] R .mkv401.41MB
[PM]Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _006 _Zing _Zap _Togedemaru![H264 _720P][475B945E] R .mkv361.54MB
[PM]Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _007 _The _Marketplace _Wanderer, _Nyabby![H264 _720P][4C070095] R .mkv408.07MB
[PM]Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _008 _Who's _in _Charge _of _the _Egg[H264 _720P][1B2CFD16] .mkv452.38MB
[PM]Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _009 _The _Totem _Pokemon _is _Dekagoos![H264 _720P][1A6E7764] R .mkv459.66MB
[PM]Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _010 _Will _the _Z-Move _Work! _Challenging _the _Grand _Trial!![H264 _720P][79770B36] .mkv461.66MB
[PM]Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _011 _Satoshi _Visits _Kaki![H264 _720P][830911C2] R .mkv369.98MB
[PM]Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _012 _The _Extracurricular _Lesson _is _on _Hidoide![H264 _720P][693E6CFF] R .mkv431.18MB
[PM]Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _013 _The _Great _Alola _Pancake _Race![H264 _720P][61420AC0] R .mkv451.51MB
[PM]Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _014 _The _Fruit _of _Courage _Lilie _and _Rokon![H264 _720P][191D68A6] R .mkv464.24MB
[PM]Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _015 _Scratchmark _Hill, _Iwanko _and _Lugarugan!![H264 _720P][56CC0334] .mkv372.11MB
[PM]Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _016 _A _Tiny _Trio _on _a _Big _Adventure![H264 _720P][680E18D2] R .mkv451.09MB
[PM]Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _017 _Alola _Detective _Rotom! _The _Mystery _of _the _Lost _Crystal!![H264 _720P][5C9E1022] .mkv405.3MB
[PM]Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _018 _I-Maji-ne! _Mao's _Cooking _Operation!![H264 _720P][908803CC] R .mkv504.5MB
[PM]Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _019 _Intense _Electric _Shock _Training! _A _Rematch _with _Kapu-Kokeko!![H264 _720P][A5D85877] .mkv486.49MB
[PM]Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _020 _The _Promise _Between _Satoshi _and _Pikachu[H264 _720P][1E387A74] .mkv382.3MB
[PM]Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _021 _It _is _Time _for _Nyabby _to _Set _Off![H264 _720P][CC06CC61] R .mkv463.04MB
[PM]Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _022 _Beware _of _Shovels!!![H264 _720P][8AD3B32E] .mkv452.05MB
[PM]Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _024 _Alola! _The _First _Visitation _Day!![H264 _720P][C53BB889] .mkv361.72MB
[PM]Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _025 _The _Fight _Over _the _Crystal! _The _Rocket _Gang _VS _The _Skull _Gang!![H264 _720P][1826A6FC] R .mkv445.27MB
[PM]Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _026 _Farewell, _Mamane![H264 _720P][6027EDE5] .mkv354.4MB
[PM]Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _027 _Come _Forth, _Lugarugan _with _the _Crimson _Look!![H264 _720P][093C0929] R .mkv426.72MB
[PM]Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _028 _The _Fierce _Pokebase _Game! _Aim _for _a _Home _Run _to _Turn _the _Tide!![H264 _720P][8A10E6BC] R .mkv477.38MB
[PM]Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _029 _Hey _Mush, _Are _You _Going _to _Sleep _in _the _Nemush _Forest _Too[H264 _720P][F7EB7E04] .mkv455.08MB
[PM]Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _030 _Lilie, _Take _Good _Care _of _Pikachu[H264 _720P][4F0ED928] .mkv369.07MB
[PM]Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _031 _Enter _Lychee! _Cry _and _Laugh, _Island _Queen!![H264 _720P][B6FBB962] .mkv429.92MB
[PM]Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _032 _We _Found _a _Treasure! _Mooland _Search!![H264 _720P][39A0EEFB] .mkv365.21MB
[PM]Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _033 _Little _Yowashi _Isn't _Lacking, _It's _the _Lord _of _the _Lake![H264 _720P][6411A551] R .mkv442.73MB
[PM]Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _034 _A _Fire _Battle! _Garagara _Shows _Up!![H264 _720P][6308A211] .mkv387.97MB
[PM]Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _035 _A _Curry-zy _Beautiful _Battle! _The _Dance _of _Lalantes!![H264 _720P][874DEB8C] .mkv464.11MB
[PM]Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _036B _Iwanko _and _the _Guardian _Deity _from _the _Ruins _of _Life![H264 _720P][574D24A5] .mkv416.88MB
[PM]Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _036 _Lychee's _Grand _Trial! _The _Hardest _Pokemon _Match _Ever!![H264 _720P][0193A05E] .mkv468.76MB
[PM]Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _037 _Mimikkyu's _Disguise![H264 _720P][A50B5042] R .mkv404.47MB
[PM]Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _038 _v2 _Lilie Soars Through the Air! The PokéSled Jump Tournament!! [SomeStuffsSubs] R .mkv424.59MB
[PM]Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _039 _Here's _a _Real _Shocker! _A _Dugtrio _Split-Up![H264 _720P][E384465D] R .mkv383.17MB
[PM]Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _040 _Mao _the _Runaway _and _Yareyuutan![H264 _720P][ECB459AF] R .mkv355.62MB
[PM]Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _041 _Ashimari, _Osyamari _and _the _An-chor-gry _Dadarin![H264 _720P][7E6FF63B] R .mkv384.07MB
[PM]Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _042 _Mao and Suiren, the Bittersweet Memories! [SomeStuffsSubs] R .mkv434.76MB
[PM]Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _043 _Dash, _Dendimushi![H264 _720P][BF023297] R .mkv365.49MB
[PM]Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _044 _An _Alola! _in _Kanto! _Takeshi _and _Kasumi!![H264 _720P][E2C850CD] R .mkv488.67MB
[PM]Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _045 _Gym _Battle! _Z-Move _VS _Mega _Evolution!![H264 _720P][77C33A9E] R .mkv427.17MB
[PM]Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _046 _Satoshi _and _Starcloud! _A _Mysterious _Encounter!![H264 _720P][EF1B393D] .mkv332.41MB
[PM]Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _047 _Starcloud _Panic! _The _Teleport _Happened _Suddenly!![H264 _720P][B31A2676] R .mkv345.38MB
[PM]Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _048 _The Shapeshifting Metamon, Find that 'mon! R .mkv346.43MB
[PM]Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _049 _Gladio _and _Silvady! _The _Confinement _Mask!![H264 _720P][429695FC] .mkv432.07MB
[PM]Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _050 _A _Sleepover _in _Fully _Powered _Poses![H264 _720P][75AE365F] .mkv314.04MB
[PM]Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _051 _Lilie _and _Silvady _Memories _Reborn[H264 _720P][50551D39] R .mkv325.19MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _052 _Sauboh's Counterattack! The Kidnapped Hoshigumo!! R .mkv425.21MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _053 _Lively Lilie! A Determined Runaway!! .mkv387.84MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _054 _The Altar of the Sun! Solgaleo Descends!! R .mkv464.82MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _055 _Hurry! The Great Lusamine Rescue Operation!! R .mkv499.74MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _056 _Shine, Z-Power Ring! Super Full-Force 10,000,000 Volts!! R .mkv444.07MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _057 _v2 _Thank You, Solgaleo! Our Hoshigumo!! R .mkv383.39MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _058 _Rotom, Can't Stop the Form Change! .mkv352.23MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _059 _The Evil Nyarth is an Alolan Nyarth! R .mkv376.72MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _060 _Set Off! Our Ultra Guardians!! R .mkv433.33MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _061B _Satoshi and Nagetukesaru! Touchdown of Friendship!! .mkv484.37MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _061 _The Strong Sleeper, Nekkoara's Secret! R .mkv400.23MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _062 _Don't Cry, Hidoide! R .mkv358.31MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _064 _Shining Love! Spinning Bevenom!! R .mkv427.21MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _065B _Shizukumo, Get Suiren! .mkv546.43MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _065 _The Shining Starship Tekkaguya! R .mkv644.95MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _066 _Blaze, Nyabby! Overthrow Gaogaen!! R .mkv606.19MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _067 _Ilima and Eievui IliMake Their Entrance!! .mkv418.06MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _068 _Ta-ta-ta-dough! Fire it Up, Mao's Family!! R .mkv339.92MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _069 _Work Experience! 24-Hour Pokémon Center!! R .mkv369.8MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _071 _Protect the Ranch! The Blue Flame's Counterattack!! .mkv415.3MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _073 _Rocket-dan's Island-Visiting! Get the Z-Ring!! R .mkv409.86MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _074 _The Big Old Thug is an Island King! R .mkv561.06MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _075 _Kapu-Bulul! Intense Lazy Training!! R .mkv471.07MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _076 _Super Decisive Battle! Pikachu VS Mimikkyu!! R .mkv392.31MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _077 _Kuchinashi's Grand Trial! Lugarugan Awakens!! .mkv432.54MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _078 _v2 _Ultra Beast Clash! The Great Crackling Rumble Operation!! .mkv582.26MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _079B _Smash with Sketch! The Fierce Fighting Poké-Ping Pong! R .mkv348.14MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _079 _Meteno and Bevenom, the Promise that Disappeared into the Starry Sky! .mkv395.6MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _080 _Sand's Storm! Ice Cave Double Battle!! .mkv503.09MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _081 _Dance Dance in Evolution R .mkv600.34MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _082 _Alola's Young Fire! Royal Satoshi's Birth!! R .mkv352.47MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _083 _Satoshi Becomes Small .mkv393.82MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _085 _The Shape of Family, Bevenom's Feelings! .mkv403.85MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _086 _I Choose Here! Pokémon Hot Spring Paradise!! R .mkv418.65MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _087 _v2 _Leap and Climb, Tundetunde! .mkv466.56MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _088 _A Crisis in Alola! The Darkness that Devours Radiance!! R .mkv378.03MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _089 _Lunala VS UBBLACK! A Full Moon Battle!! R .mkv384.16MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _090 _The Prism of Light and Darkness - Its Name is Necrozma!! R .mkv406.07MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _091 _Connect to the Future! The Legend of the Radiant One!! R .mkv468.82MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _092 _v2 _Great Gathering of Ghost Pokémon! Everyone's Haunted House!! .mkv371.24MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _094 _v2 _Kukui's Desperate Situation! Another Royal Mask!! R .mkv359.82MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _095B _Fukuthrow the Artisan!!! Sleeping Mokuroh zzz .mkv601.19MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _095 _Wela Volcano, Golone, Golonya, and the Mountaineers! .mkv464.58MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _096 _Rocket-dan and Nuikoguma! R .mkv401.27MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _097 _Alola at Alola! Takeshi and Kasumi! R .mkv659.72MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _098 _A Passionate Heart That Can Smash Even Rock! Lychee and Takeshi!! R .mkv456.03MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _099 _v2 _Splitting Up the Combination! Satoshi and Rotom .mkv371.02MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _100 _v2 _Eievui, Where Are You Going To Go Anywhere to Meet Up! .mkv434.05MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _101 _The Lighting Bolt that Severs the Wind! Its Name is Zeraora!! .mkv459.86MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _102 _Fire! The Twin Sparking Gigavolt of Friendship! .mkv440.4MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _103 _v2 _It's a Pikachu Outbreak! The Pikachu Valley!! R .mkv437.74MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _104 _v2 _Perfect Sharpness! Kamiturugi has Arrived!! R .mkv467.68MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _107 _v2 _The Hero Lilier and the Staff of Alola! R .mkv368.92MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _109 _v3 _A New Program! Melody of the Small Koiking R .mkv498.36MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _110 _Poni Island Research Project! Search for the Island King!! .mkv448.16MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _111 _v2 _Decisive Lugarugan Battle! Satoshi VS Glazio!! .mkv484.59MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _112 _We Have a Sea and We Have a Valley! Great Intensive Pokémon Evolution Training .mkv476.03MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _113 _Run Kaki! Surpass Yourself!! .mkv476.33MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _114 _v2 _Inside Kapu-Rehire's Mist .mkv423.31MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _115B _v2 _Super Fast Kuwagannon! The Awakening of Mamane!! R .mkv521.18MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _115C _Mao's Valiant Effort! The Forest Pokémon Café! R .mkv385.28MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _115 _The Birth of an Island Queen! Satoshi's Grand Trial!! .mkv444.32MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _116 _v2 _Hole in One at PokéGolf! .mkv539.68MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _117 _Arrival in Alola! Dripping Metal Panic!! R .mkv594.16MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _118 _v2 _Discovering a New Species! Get, Meltan! R .mkv452.68MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _120 _Beauty and Nyarth! R .mkv557.1MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _121 _Emperor of Destruction Guzma! R .mkv1.03GB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _122B _Shaymin, Meltan, Nagisa! The Lost Explorers!! .mkv318.14MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _122C _Aim for the Top Floor! The Explosive Dragon Gym!! .mkv425.88MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _122 _v2 _Lilie and the Secret Mechanical Princess! .mkv379.12MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _123 _Suiren Fishes a Kyogre! .mkv532.79MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _124B _Master the Z-Move! Kaki's Fierce Boot Camp!! .mkv457.87MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _124 _ You're Being Watched! Rocket-dan's Alolan Forms!! R .mkv1.29GB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _125 _v2 _Satoshi, Encounter Beyond Time! .mkv535.51MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _126 _Pikachu's Exciting Expedition! .mkv494.95MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _127 _Glazio and Lilie! Chasing a Father's Phantom!! R .mkv663.3MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _128 _The Curtain Rises! The Alola Pokémon League!! R .mkv633.33MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _129 _v2 _The Great Fray! Battle Royal 151 R .mkv587.21MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _130 _v2 _Mao and Suiren! Super Full-Force Friendship Battle!! .mkv492.66MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _131 _v2 _Musashi VS Kojirō! Battlefield of Truth and Love!! R .mkv527.68MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _132 _Overcome Junaiper! R .mkv686.42MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _133 _v2 _Bird Battle! Brave Bird VS God Bird!! R .mkv577.54MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _134 _v2 _Everyone's Fully Powered! The Road to the Semifinals!! R .mkv529.67MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _135 _The Semifinals! Kaki VS Glazio!! R .mkv479.02MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _136 _Rising Fire! There's More Than One Rival!! R .mkv721.98MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _137 _v2 _Undefeated Emperor Guzma! .mkv501.64MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _138 _v2 _The Finals! The Strongest Rival Showdown!! R .mkv513.71MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _139 _v2 _Birth! The Alola Champion!! R .mkv542.38MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _140 _v2 _Akuziking Invasion! The Great Z-Move Battle!! R .mkv758.93MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _141 _Final Battle! Satoshi VS Kukui!! .mkv539.09MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _142 _Burn! Swell Up!! Full Battle!!! R .mkv652.84MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _143 _Conclusion! Gaogaen VS Nyaheat!! .mkv597.19MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _144 _Alola's Strongest Z! Kapu-Kokeko VS Pikachu!! .mkv693.35MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _145 _v2 _The Sun, the Moon, and Everyone's Dreams! .mkv601.44MB
[Some-Stuffs] _Pocket _Monsters _Sun _& _Moon _146 _Thank You, Alola! Respective Departures!! R .mkv369.31MB