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Disc2\1 Surface Iron-Blooded Orphans .mp38.07MB
Disc1\1 Mobile Suit Gundam- Iron-Blooded Orphan .mp36.17MB
Disc1\2 Raise your flag(TV Size) .mp33.6MB
Disc1\4 Sandy Desert .mp34.15MB
Disc1\5 The Lack of Vegetation .mp34.46MB
Disc1\6 An Orphan's Sorrow .mp34.1MB
Disc1\7 Habitat .mp34.1MB
Disc1\8 Tending to Others .mp34.39MB
Disc1\9 Strengths Focus .mp34.67MB
Disc1\10 Survive the Battle .mp34.5MB
Disc1\11 Vulnerable Surface .mp34.74MB
Disc1\12 Easygoing .mp34.11MB
Disc1\13 Live with them .mp33.92MB
Disc1\14 Lady Kudelia .mp33.87MB
Disc1\15 Get it Better .mp34.26MB
Disc1\16 Desert in the Desert .mp33.48MB
Disc1\17 Innocence .mp33.81MB
Disc1\18 Soul of Iron-Blooded Orphans .mp34.42MB
Disc1\19 Reincarnation .mp34.48MB
Disc1\20 Make You Believe .mp34.96MB
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